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Identify clouds

Identify clouds by browsing stunning pictures and detailed descriptions of the different genera, species and varieties of clouds you may spot. Coton relies on the International Cloud Atlas classification (plus a few special clouds!)

Predict weather

Learn about clouds and their corresponding weather forecast including chances of rain and storm. Try to figure out the weather of the day, just by looking at the sky!

Cumulus index card
Get Coton HD on your iPad!

Coton goes HD!

Dive into the world of clouds by browsing stunning high-resolution pictures and detailed descriptions right on your iPad. Coton HD is simply the most complete resource for cloud lovers available on the iPad.

What experts say about Coton

  • Coton is a very good idea, the design is good and easy to use, and would make a good educational tool. George Anderson, weather forecaster for the UK Met Office, Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, United Kingdom
  • Coton is a great resource for identifying clouds and I think it will be very popular. Linden Ashcroft, AMOS Bulletin editor, Australia
  • It’s very handy and interesting app to learn more about clouds. They are well shown and described. It will be really useful to many weather-enthusiasts. Marc Vandiepenbeeck, climatologist for the Royal Meteorological Institute, Belgium
  • Thanks to its friendly interface, simple explanations and nice pictures, Coton will soon become your essential companion to observe the skies! Thierry Michel, teacher at the National School of Meteorology, France

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Coton is a mobile app designed and developed by Etamin Studio.

Header photo: Cumulus cloud above Lechtaler Alps, Austria, by Glg (CC BY-SA 2.0). Icons by Glyphish (CC BY) and The Noun Project (CC BY).
Our adaptive images script is based on Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox (CC BY 3.0). We <3 Creative Commons.

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